25 January 2004 @ 05:27 pm

AUG2014 - I'M BACK!
I went through and removed basically everyone for a fresh start.
If you'd like to be added back, just let me know.

JOURNAL. (n): escape; hiding place; getaway. fandom safe haven. catchall. locked. i've had the same journal (although with MANY renames) since 2002. i consider it a big part of me. i've kept track of growing into the person i've become, and i consider it to be a little more than just another internet blog.
FRIENDS. friending 'policy': much like everyone else, i deserted livejournal with the twitter/tumblr boom, but as of august 2014 i am BACK - and will accept new friends. :)
FANDOM: it would be awesome if we shared a major fandom or two. {jared padalecki/supernatural, patrick stump/fall out boy, sophia bush and david cook being the best choices} otherwise, i'm sure to get on your nerves ;D